The Company

We create technological performance experiences.

We combine two of the most important aspects of society today: technology and eco-consciousness. We believe that we cannot do without either of them at this moment in time, and although they may seem very distant and even contradictory concepts, both define our present.
We consider it necessary for proposals to emerge that manage to make these two worlds engage in dialogue. Therefore, we propose artistic experiences that include them, addressing challenges that are both exciting and necessary.

We work from the expressiveness of words and the exploration of narrative resources offered by technology with the aim of taking the audience’s imagination on a journey while they experience an exciting and unique adventure.

We integrate the uniqueness of each environment and always draw from the present moment. We are interested in shows that involve the displacement of the audience, that they have to be physically active and in motion during the development of the play. In this way, their reaction, so different and diverse depending on the group, makes each performance something special.


Our innovative proposals are supported by the Agency for Business Competitiveness of Catalonia (ACCIÓ), the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia, and the Institut Ramon Llull.


Project funded by INAEM, Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Project funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.


Words break bones

Have you ever got lost in the forest by night?

A small group of people, with a mobile in their hand, enter into the forest at night. They will experience an introspective but also community encounter that will make them ponder on their (dis)connection with nature and the validity of our oral tradition in an eminently technological world. 
This is an adventure. Let yourself go, and we will transport and surprise you with great moments of tranquility and beauty. 

Do you dare?


“A beauty that shows the future/present of the street theater combining technology and tradition.”

“A very original show. A nice night walk. A great experience!”



Catalan Critics’ Award for Best Street Performance.
Finalist for the Max Awards.


Selected by the Xarxa Alcover.         Recommended by



A co-production of Fira Mediterrània.

With the support of:

The value of nothing

Gathered in a natural space, the audience takes part in a tranquil coven, a ritual encounter where each person will read a surprising book and be led to reflect on the connections between written word, witchcraft rituals, memory, and plant intelligence. An individual and collective experience at the same time.

Finalist at XXVI Critics’ Awards.


Best New Trends Performance


Candidate for the Max Awards.


Best Street Performance



Recommended performance by Redescena, and


April 20: Santa Maria de Palautordera.
April 27: Ametlla del Vallès.
May 4: Vallromanes.
May 24-25: Festus. Torelló.
June 2: Ametlla del Vallès.
June 15: EVA. Vilafranca del Penedés.
July 13: Sant Esteve de Palautordera.
July 17: Celrà.
July 19: Vilassar de dalt.
July 20: Rajadell.

July 13-14-15: Festival Grec. Barcelona.
July 24: Artot. Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà.
August 8: Garitu. Cardedeu.
September 7-8-9-10 : Fira Tàrrega.
October 6-7: Fira Mediterrània
October 13: Tardoral. Mallorca.
Decembre 14: Viladecans. PAC.

“A break of peace and reading, highly recommended.”

“The Company Pagans has done it again, once more. Their intimate journey through the forest opens wounds and spreads fragrances of aromatic herbs.”

“After the success of ‘Words Break Bones,’ Pagans now surprises the audience with ‘The Value of Nothing.'”


A co-production of Fira Tàrrega and Fira Mediterrània.


With the production support of Plataforma Arts de Carrer, the Departament de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya, ICEC and OSIC. The show has been in residence at Teatre Tantarantana with the support of Àtic, Associació Teatral d’Innovació i Complicitats, Festival de LLegendes de Catalunya and Festivales de los Castillos and has received the Ajut Carlota Soldevila from Teatre Lliure.









Marc Fernández:
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Núria Clemares:
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